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International Workshop in the Frame of GIDE Project and in  the Cooperation with Slovenian Chamber for Paper and Paper Industry

2nd Year Interior Design Students, Faculty of Design, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Mentor: Jasna Kralj Pavlovec


How to capture movements in space was already contemplated in the 20th century by cubists and later on by (futurists), theoretician Marinetti, brothers Duchamp, Franc Marc, Jaun Gris, Fernard Legar, Umberto Bocconi and others.
The Workshop “movements in space” was looking for answers on the following questions: “What is movement, Who is moving, Where and how can we move, Where does the movement come from and where does it go”. All of these questions were referred to the context of
movement inside the residential space. Concepts about possible movements expressed through sketches and phrases were translated in to physical space – living space.