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GIDE workshop: Ljubljana’s Bridges and Invitation to a Dinner

Ljubljana Castle, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Mentors of Group No. 8 – Fish Footbridge: Melcome Cheyne, Scotland; Pietro Vitalli, Switzerland; Jasna Kralj Pavlovec, Slovenia


GIDE – A Group for International Design Education is an international consortium of higher education design schools who work together in order to enrich the intercultural experience of students in the areas of architecture, interior design, industrial and interaction design, art and design interdisciplinary practice. GIDE was founded in 2OO3 and the group consists of seven main partner colleges in Scotland (Dundee), Slovenia (Ljubljana), England (Leeds), Belgium (Mechelen), Germany (Magdeburg), Italy (Milano) and Switzerland (Lugano). GIDE’s main objectives are to promote the exchange of design ideas and cultural experiences across the European Union and beyond. Internationalisation is not only an experience of some exchange students and staff, but should influence all the school’s students and staff.

More than 200 students and 35 mentors are worked together on one theme: interventions on 12 Ljubljana’s bridges with Invitation to a dinner. Before the workshop begin professor Krečič said: ” You are invited to a dinner. Where to exactly? You are invited to one of Ljubljana’s Bridges which you are going to reshape and furnish for a special purpose and you are expected to change the bridge into something more appropriate for such a solemn occasion (Ljubljana and its Bridges, ed. Krečič, 1014).” We got 12 projects for 12 Ljubljana Bridges.