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GIDE International Workshop in Magdeburg; Germany

Workshop: GAMES

Mentors of Group No. 9 – Green House: Linda De Rujter, Belgium; Peter Gerth, Germany; Jasna Kralj Pavlovec, Slovenia

Exhibition of international student’s projects: TO EXHIBIT

Slovenian Project by mentor Jasna Kralj Pavlovec: M100 – Exhibition of Slovenian Architect, Urban Planner and Designer


GIDE – A Group for International Design Education uses innovative international design workshops, shared project themes, exhibitions and research publications that extend the exchange of design thinking to those staff and students undertaking conventional Erasmus exchange programs, but also brings this international community directly into the experiences of a wider groups of students who would not normally participate in exchanges. Each year a GIDE partner hosts workshops, exhibitions and directly involves the student population in innovative transnational design projects  In the past few years the GIDE group have successfully delivered workshops and shared projects on topics such as Hospitable City, Sustainable Mobility, Design for Innovative Communities, The Exhibit and Creativity for Local Enterprises.