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Workshop of Sense and Perception Designed Elements with International Mentor’s Team:

Jasna Kralj Pavlovec, FD, Slovenia; Paul Michielsen, Architectune, the Netherlands,  Patrick Reuvis, Mechelen University College, Belgium

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Ljubljana

Project Manager: Jasna Kralj Pavlovec


The goal is to design an exhibition “CROSSOVER” in a way to procure access to all people and also for people with specific needs. The first step is going to be a theoretical framework with representatives of different groups with specific needs and their mentors. They will present: their daily life obstacles and how they deal with them; the most frequent barriers they confront in public spaces and buildings and the possible solutions; and examples of good practices of space design where they have equivalent possibilities as others. The emphasis will be on design legalities for specific groups, which are global and at the same time students are going to research specific local/state/national identities.

The aim of the project is to develop sense design elements with crossover and symbolism of the theme. Elements are going to be made from cardboard as relief banners or/and as sculptures or/and space. Senses and perceptions are going to be the main topic.