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2015 Furniture_Function_Fashion

Creative and  Interdisciplinary 4 days Workshop

3rd Year students of Interior Design and Textille and Fashion Design, Faculty of Design, Slovenia

Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Openning of Exhibition: 16.10. 2015

Mentors: Jasna Kralj Pavlovec and Helena Knap

Concept of workshop: Tanja Devetak and Jasna Kralj Pavlovec


Workshop Furniture>Function<Fashion started with conference Fashion = Architecture = Fashion and it offers a reflection on the often strict border on understanding of fashion and architecture, fashion within architecture and architectural within fashion. It investigates correlations and connections between fashion, architecture and art from the perspective of fashion designers, art historians, as well as architects. Above all, the conference is aimed at addressing issues, such as: when does fashion become a part of architecture, when does architecture become a part of fashion? Is a dress a place and a space too – a place in which we can enter or can a dress/a fashion creation define the space with its placement into it and whether there are clear-cut boundaries between space and fashion? We are going to open questions about the appearance and importance of fashion and architecture as a cultural phenomenon, the occurrence of both in relation to social and economic situation. We will speak about sustainable development within each discipline and the relation of both in regards to the individual or a certain community, to the creation of personal and/or national identity. It is here that we encounter the meaning of the term “genius (et) loci”, the ungraspable and subtle “something more” – the soul, which we inhale through the creative process into the creation!

jas_Jasna Kralj Pavlovec

10 groups present 10 concept of fashion and architecture identity with correlation to comunity and social changes. Sculptures are designed as dialog between fashion, space, comunity, human and time.