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Shawls and Scarves

2016 – 2019


is a collection of twelve patterns, urban records printed on textile that I have placed in the focus of my contemplation about movements, communications/conversations, spatial and urban testimonies. Images, lace, records/testimonies or movements are derived from urban plans of a Slovenian coast and Ljubljana. Movements depict the journey of energy, of people, animate images and govern life. They are our veins which carry blood, are veins of our journeys from place to place, from one experience to another one.


collection: URBANO s poezijo DODANO / URBAN POETRY

Ema, Luwigana, Academia, Ivana and Ana bow to Ljubljana, to the city and to all its anonymous women; to all ladies that have and continue to represent the hidden energy of the evolution of civilisation, culture, social awareness and commitment, elements that silently drive the progress of a city and society.

Ema is from the Emona times, when a rectangle Roman castrum was drawn into the space, with a central square in orthogonal streets. Impressions in space are visible still today as partial fragments of an individual residential composite, as the lines of the streets, which still partly follow a strict rectangular grid, as parts of the defence wall, to which Plečnik added some of its original dominant height. Impressions are remains of the city gates, today only a distant memory to the essence of the entrance into urban space and passage from outside to inside.

Luwigana is a woman of the Middle Ages, when the triplicity of separate city centres, the triplicity of city squares is united in the city rights. Five city gates separates it from the remaining area and two bridges over the Ljubljanica river. The thirteenth century enables Luwigana and her citizens a slow but steady rise in the society in performing multiple occupations and inheritance. Although excluded from public life townswoman inherited and even prevailed for the first time in the history. Luwigana spreads its wings!

Academia is the Baroque Ljubljana, an organically shaped city pressed to the castle hill, the river and the area on the riverbanks. Academia is a woman, cultural, educated, crimson, gold and a bit cheeky in her clothing styles. Haydn, Beethoven, Brahms, Paganini, Mahler… are composers, which charm and enchant her. She establishes academies, cultural and Labour Associations. She is active and distinct, leaving deep traces that you see and feel today.

Ivana is a mature woman of the 20th century, full of ideals and plans, full of disappointments and sorrow. She is an honorary citizen, a doctor without pay, a fighter for justice for all. Sometimes taken by the others. She gives the possibility to all her creative children, to try, to show and to prove their worth. Ivana captures this creativity into a colourful cornice and lays it in front of her people, mindful of the duality of our beliefs and lives.Looking for ways to make her citizens happy.

Ana is a modern woman of Ljubljana composed of images, stories and myths all her previous predecessors. She stands out and reminds us of the essence of the individual and society – where we come from and where we are going. She brings to attention the importance of this moment, which indelibly creates the history for our future generations. Ana is our Ljubljana!