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Collection of Tea Cups


Collection: LjubljANA

5 patterns and 5 poems follow five historical faces of Ljubljana from the times of Emona until today, to the passage from 2016 into 2017.

Ema, Luwigana, Academia, Ivana and Ana bow to Ljubljana, to the city and to all its anonymous women; to all ladies that have and continue to represent the hidden energy of the evolution of civilisation, culture, social awareness and commitment, elements that silently drive the progress of a city and society. Urban images of Ljubljana are designed as records of urban space followed by poems of the city, of Ljubljana and its women. These songs reflect their pride and enthusiasm, for being exactly as they are – heartening, motivated, creative, warm, gentle and beautiful.

They are the hidden essence of Ljubljana!



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12 Tea Cups COAST, 9  x 15 cm

COAST Is a collection of twelve patterns, urban records on the ceramic cups for tea, that I have placed in the focus of my contemplations about movements, communications/conversations, spatial and urban testimonies. Images, lace, records/testimonies or movements are derived from urban plans of a Slovenian modernist architect, designer and urban planner Edo Mihevc, author of the Slovenian coast. The patterns reflect life moments and highlights from everyday travels recorded in the plans. Movements depict the journey of energy, of people, animate images and govern life. They are our veins which carry blood, are veins of our journeys from place to place.

6 Tea Cubs CARNIUM, 9  x 15 cm

CARNIUM presented images of the city of Kranj embraced by urban stories of the city, the city of culture, represent wise men, who in the past gathered in a circle under the crown of a tree to discuss the future of people joined in the community.