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Project Micro/Macro/Mezzo on the international creative platform BORDER CROSSING_2014

Temporary Exhibition of Creative Workshop, 3rd Year students of Interior Design, Faculty of design, Ljubljana

Apollonio Gallery, Piran, Slovenia


The question is what interspaces are and how they’re felt and defined?
The aim of the project is the registration and research of spaces that are somewhere in between. These are the interspaces between two equivalent spaces, between spaces that have clearly defined functions and content and are taken for granted. Interspaces are spaces that are not initially perceived as active. We are talking about overlooked areas. The aim is to (re) design interspaces of larger structures. With intervention these interspaces obtain a story, an innovative new program and content, a new identity and a new correlation with the environment. The interspace has to become a space which one does not merely pass through.

When the space loses its anonymity, becomes noticed and is no longer interspace but THE SPACE.