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LIGHT, Space and MAN

Scenography of Light Cubs: LIGHT, Space and MAN on light + building Fair

Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 13.3 – 18.3. 2016

Intra Lighting Pavilion

First, there was the LIGHT. Light is everything. Light is life and the Way. The light of the day breathes life into the MAN. And a human breathes life into a Space. Space is everything around us. It can be crafted by a human being or created by nature. We perceive it with all our senses on a physical, psychological and emotional level. Moving through the space makes for us possible to perceive it as a continuum of changing visual impressions, apparent growing and shrinking of objects, changes in LIGHT and contrast. Space without a man and without his emotional response is empty space, space without content.

The human figure, the human body, takes in the individual light boxes in the exhibition area of Intra Lighting Pavilion, a special place. A man figure presents an attitude towards content. At the same time it presents a man proportion into a relation to the space, a proportion of the Golden ratio, record of the Fibonacci principle, intuitive perceptible record of the spiral and pentagram as a matrix of perfect – divine order, perfect composition and comprehension of the nature and the Space.

Jas_Jasna Kralj Pavlovec