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  The entire adult life I’ve been working with space. The space is all around us and I perceive and respond on it with all my senses on the physical, psychological and emotional level, with internal self and knowledge that I’ve got at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture.

Through research work and my own artistic interpretations I am researching SPACE, relationship between major and minor, between positive and negative, between full and empty, between maintained and degraded spaces. Among them, interspaces are arising, in which I weave my philosophy and design, re-design.  Levels of interpretation can reach from natural environments, city environments, built structures, interiors, installations and sculptures to small objects and even graphic interpretations of thoughts and words. When I deal with spaces and their interactions I perceive them differently. I am asking myself also about the importance and understanding of the interspaces between two equivalent spaces, between spaces that have clearly defined functions and content and are taken for granted. Interspaces are spaces that are not initially perceived as active. We are talking about overlooked areas. With intervention these interspaces obtain a story, an innovative new program and content, a new identity and a new correlation with the environment. The interspaces have to become a space which one does not merely pass through. When the space loses its anonymity, becomes noticed and is no longer interspace but THE SPACE.

I write MOVEMENTS as a movement through space makes it possible for us to perceive it as a continuum of changing visual impressions on one hand and on another, apparent growing and shrinking of objects, changes in light and contrast, etc. I am sampling movements, I weave and connect them, and I write them as thinking about the communications of people through space and time. The patterns of movements are looking for and interpret freedom of choice where and when people can move. Patterns reflect glimpses of life and glimpses of daily journeys recorded in the plans, or in space. Movements depict the journey of energy, of people, animate images and govern life. They are our veins which carry blood, are veins of our journeys from place to place.