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2014 – 2015

19.9. 2014 -30.3. 2015

Dallas Museum Of Art, Center for Creative Connections, Dallas, Texas, USA

The Mother Load Web page:

The Mother Load project is a network of women who have connected globally through the simple act of passing a name from one person to another. This has created an elaborate community of  diverse artists who are different ages, work in different media, and are from many different cultures. Through this project we aim to foster a network that will grow to support new avenues to share common experiences, while creating a resource for anyone in the world to engage with. It is the source of numerous opportunities to meet artists and participate in important discussions on the role of women in society, the link between career and personal life, and how this fits within the context of contemporary art. jas_Jasna Kralj Pavlovec is on The Mother Load network since 2014.

“Jasna Kralj Pavlovec, Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU.  In my artistic life Martin brought out an order of the important things.  Martin was and is always on the first place, even when I’m in the process of creating. Together with him, I discovered new images of landscapes, cities, people, and with him I’ve formed my relationship to the inter spaces, movements of people and communication among us.«