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Mežica, Slovenia

opening: October, 9th 2015

9.10. – 3.12. 2015

Park in front of the Beget Villa


Art installation OF mining wooden clogs called LAHEK KOT SVINEC /LIGHTWEIGHT AS A LEAD was created within the framework of the celebration of 350 anniversary of mining in the Upper Valley Mežica. The locals, miners and 35 artists have shared their stories and interpretations of mining life. The content of the exhibition  would like to to highlight the importance of genuine human contacts, which are generated and remain the foundation for solidarity and harmony in the society.

Provoke already once experiencing emotion and then with gestures, lines, colors, images expressed in words, handed over an emotion so that others experience the same emotion, this is the matter of Art .” (Lev Nikolajević Tolstoj)

This piece was sold at public auction for 1,000 EUR for the local primary School Fund.