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YOUR DEMOCRACY, Steinkjer, Norway

November 2014


Whatever the meaning or understanding or interpretation of the word democracy is and regardless of political system, the people who live here and now are enforcing the basic human right and the universal law so they can freely move. This is the real rule of the people – this is the DEMOCRACY.

The project is based on thinking about the urban records after the 2nd World War, when Slovenia was within Yugoslavia on the side of allies and winners. With political decision and direction towards communism and socialism the state puts itself on the other side of so-called iron curtain. Until 1954 the area was divided into two zones and it was the area of the negotiations and restricted movement. When Trieste become part of Italy and Koper the main coastal city of Slovenia, the Slovenian coast begins to develop and modify. Regional and micro-urban plans of the architect and urban planner Edo Mihevc (1911-1981) plotted in the region/landscape new paths, new areas of development and new interspaces based on understanding of functionalism (utilitarian) and at the same time urban planning with consideration of regional characteristic. If we take into the consideration the meaning of »demokratía« »demos«  (people) and »kretein« (rule) in ancient Greek, we can recognize the rule of the people in the movements they drawn by them selfs, regardless of politically oriented and designed space. Today’s patterns in the landscape and cities are only a blurred shadow of planned moves, which people redesigned and adapted to their needs and the needs of capital. I am using urban plans for Slovenian cost from 1959 till 1981 as inspiration of my twelve (24 or 38) patterns presenting a democracy of people movements. I am using them us thinking frame of movements, communications and fragments of life and movements in socialist time and today. The movements present journey of people, energies and they animate images and regulate our life.