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Monterrey, Mexico

29.9. – 7.10. 2014

Centro Roberto Garza Sada, Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico


CITIES AND LANDSCAPE PATTERNS are a collection of eighteen patterns, urban records on textile that I have placed in the focus of my contemplation about movements, communications, spatial and urban testimonies. Images, lace, records or movements are reflecting life moments and highlights from everyday travels recorded Slovenian Adriatic coast. As a beginning of the story, I am presenting triptych of movements in Monterrey and Ljubljana and cross section between them as an experiment of understanding the city, I never been and the city I live in. Movements depict the journey of energy, of people, animate images and govern life. They are our veins which carry blood, are veins of our journeys from place to place, from one experience to another one.

The emphasis of the exhibition is on the interplay between the movement of people of two cities on two continents and interpretation of their virtual connections.