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Kranj, Slovenia

23.6 – 9.7. 2015

Gallery of the medieval tower Škrlovec


CARNIUM BRIGHTNESS IN THE EMBRACE OF URBAN STORIES is an exhibition presented with the central narrative of figures of light with images of the city of Kranj embraced by urban stories of the Slovenian coast. Figures of light, floodlit views embedded in Kranj, the city of culture, represent wise men, who in the past gathered in a circle under the crown of a tree to discuss the future of people joined in the community. The luminous magic circle the wise men form is the bridge between folk wisdom of the past and today’s choice to be socially engaged and critical. Urban stories are set on display with 36 graphics written on textile and one twelfth lace on ceramic cups. Images, laces, records or movements are derived from urban plans of the Slovenian modernist architect, designer and urban planner Edo Mihevc, the author of the Slovenian coast. The patterns mirror moments of life and glimpses of everyday journeys recorded in the plans. They seek and interpret movements in space. The movements represent the journey of energy, of people, create images and govern life. They are our blood carrying veins, the veins of our travels from place to place.