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Invited Lectures

KRALJ-PAVLOVEC, Jasna. Re-design and Reinterpretation of Architectural Identity. Presented at EU transversal study visit Promoting design education for developing industries, Faculty of Design, Slovenia, April 7th – 10th, 2014.

KRALJ-PAVLOVEC, Jasna. Metamorphosis of Wood. Presented at Teachers’ academy ELIA, Ultrecht & Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 24, 25, 26 June 2013.

KRALJ-PAVLOVEC, Jasna. Quo Vadis? It’s about Time to Change. Presented at University of North Texas, College of Visual Art and Design, Denton, Texas, USA, 4 April 2013.

KRALJ-PAVLOVEC, Jasna. Thoughts about Sound, Man and ArchitecturePresented at DJCAD at the University of Dundee, Scotland, UK, 23 September 2013.

KRALJ-PAVLOVEC, Jasna. Movements in Space. Presented at IADE – Instituto de Artes Visuais, Design e Marketing, Lisbon, Portugal, from 6th to the 9th March 2012.

KRALJ-PAVLOVEC, Jasna. Temporary Shelters in Slovenia. Katholieke Hogeschool Mechelen KHM, Mechelen, Belgium, 11. – 16. 11. 2008.


KRALJ-PAVLOVEC, Jasna. The innovation opportunities in Slovenian Tourism. Presented at 4th Scientific Conference with International Participation: Tourism, Education and Management in Portorož, 24.-25. Oktober 2013.

KRALJ-PAVLOVEC, Jasna, HROVATIN, Jasna. Stories of Wood : Interpretation of the Orinoco Exhibition – interdisciplinary workshop. Presented at international symposium “Indigenous cultures as a reminder of environmental protection and heritage conservation in contemporary society”, Ljubljana, 26. oktober 2011.

KRALJ-PAVLOVEC, Jasna. Urbanizem slovenske obale – kritični regionalizem ali utopija (Urban plan of Slovenian Coast – Critical Regionalism or Utopia). Presented at simposium of Edo Mihevc 100. Ljubljana: Fakulteta za humanistiko, UP, Koper, Slovenia, 2010.

KRALJ-PAVLOVEC, Jasna, ČEBRON-LIPOVEC, Neža. Predstavitev Iniciativnega odbora Mihevc 100 in društva v ustanavljanju Arhim. (uvodno predavanje na Znanstvenem simpoziju o arhitektu Edu Mihevcu) Presented at simposium of Edo Mihevc 100. Ljubljana: Fakulteta za humanistiko, UP, Koper, Slovenia, 2010.

KRAINER, Aleš, KRALJ-PAVLOVEC, Jasna. An Introduction to the European Project Museums – Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Retrofitted and New Museum Building. Presented at international Congress: Energy and the Invironment, Opatija, Croatia, October 25-27, 2000.

KRALJ-PAVLOVEC, Jasna. A Process of Revitalization Degraded Housing Areas in Ljubljana through Participation Model. Presented at International Conference: “20th Century Urbanisation and Urbanism: Urban Debate on the Eve of the New Millennium”Bled, Slovenia, 1999.

KRALJ-PAVLOVEC, Jasna. The Genesis of Post-war City Planning on the Slovene Coast. Presented at 9th Conference on Vernacular Architecture Alps Adria, 21. in 22. oktober 1999, Gozd Martuljek.