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Idrija, Slovenia

Opening: June, 18th 2018

8.6. 2018 – 2.9. 2018

Small Gallery, Castle Gewerkenegg

The Routes of Fate

includes two worlds, the underground and the overground world of the town of Idrija. We enter the underground of the mine with chronologically laid out samples of the shafts since 1737 onwards, which are cut into the blackness of the fabric. We are in a time capsule of the mine and its paths intertwined at different levels, which shaped the faith of individuals and the community. A lace with urban patterns of contemporary Idrija descends zenithally towards the visitors and ends in a falling plane of a pattern consisting of mercury drops, symbolically connecting both worlds. Like a memory of true stories or stories completed through phantasy, a bird cage stands in front of it, the kind that the miners of Idrija used to keep for company and enjoyment.