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Next Exhibition: ART EXPO 2019              2. September – 16. September 2019, Ljubljana, Slovenia

jas_Jasna Kralj Pavlovec, Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

jas_Jasna Kralj Pavlovec belongs to the generation of Slovenian architects and designers that were influenced by a time of great transitions and shifts from one social system to another, from the post-modern style period into the initial period of the search for national, spatial and personal identity to a period of extreme duality between individualism and globalization. Her works follow the humanistic philosophy of design and profound personal awareness of perception. She is dealing with the space consciously and with the great sense of nature in correlation of existing urban forms, with a sincere respect for the human being as an individual and in the context of society.

She is a narrator of design stories that intertwine perception of space and movement. What she records on paper by hand is later transformed into digital design of new forms and variations.


Shops and Gallery where can you buy collection URBANO s poezijo DODANO / URBAN POETRY

Shop of Museum of Architecture and Design, Grad Fužine, Pot na Fužine 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Internet Shop:

Gallery Feniks – Gallery with the view, Tavcarjeva street 3, Ljubljana, Slovenia